Ashbaugh of Moundville

Here is a scan of many early Ashbaughs shared by Donna Pearson Price. Donna descends from this line via the McDonalds.

Donna gave their identities from left to right, starting with the back row: "My great grandfather Raymond T. McDonald, Fern Ashbaugh, Lewis Ashbaugh, Blanche B. McDonald, Varian Ashbaugh (in hat), must be Clestine McDonald behind Varian, Sybil McDonald, T.L. Ashbaugh, Cecil Ashbaugh, John Angus McDonald. Seated are Blanche D. Ashbaugh, John Isaac Ashbaugh, Catherine Ashbaugh, Josephine Ashbaugh, my great great grandmother Sarah Ashbaugh McDonald, Pauline Ashbaugh (wife of T. L. Ashbaugh)."

Donna estimates the date of the photo as before 2/23/1905. That is the death date for Mary Catherine Artz Ashbaugh, the matriarch in the center of the photo.

Below are close-ups of the same folks:

Lindell Haverstic has shared some other Ashbaugh and McDonald photos from his family's Moundville collection. Scans follow with identifications by Donna Pearson Price.

Donna wrote: This is a family portrait of John Meak Ashbaugh and Mary Catherine Artz Ashbaugh with some of their children. T. L. Ashbaugh is in this photo (upper left with wife Pauline), and so is my great great grandmother Sarah Sophia Ashbaugh McDonald. I had to study it for a few minutes but I am sure now that that is her standing behind her father. Standing next to her is her older sister, Marilla Josephine, easily recognizable. William Henry Harrison Ashbaugh served as a Sergeant in the Civil War, and sadly died of sunstroke at the young age of 28 on the family farm in Illinois. His widow, Anna Blue, is sitting next to her mother-in-law Mary, in this photo, and holding her child, Harry. The Ashbaughs moved to Missouri that same year, 1868.

Lyndon's notes: This photo was must have been taken around 1870 since the widow Anna Blue Ashbaugh is holding their child who appears to be 2 or 3. This is surely one of the oldest photos of Moundville residents. The older Ashbaughs are buried at Moundville cemetery. They include: John M. Ashbaugh, Feb. 26, 1819 - Sept. 6, 1881; Mary C. Ashbaugh, Sept. 3, 1820 - Feb. 23, 1905; T. L. Ashbaugh, 1844 - 1915; Pauline Hardy Ashbaugh, 1846 - 1936; Olla Ashbaugh, May 24, 1861 - May 29, 1885.

We believe that the three children in the photo are Blanche, Olive and Varian. The 1880 census listed Varian, age 23; Olive, age 18; and Blanche, age 15 - so if you subtract 10 or 11 years to get to the date of this photo, it seems pretty logical that the child between John and Mary is little Blanche, the one to John's right is Olive (or Olla) and the boy on the right would be Varian. We also believe that the young man to the left of Sarah is her brother, John and the young man seated in front of Josephine is her brother Abraham (or Abram) Ashbaugh.

Above and right: Donna identified the older couple as Dr. T. L. Ashbaugh and his wife Pauline Ashbaugh. She outlived Uncle Doc by 21 years. Donna assumes that the young couple must be their son Flor with his wife Caroline McLeod.




Donna shared this photo of the entrance to "The Elms", the Ashbaugh homeplace a mile south of Moundville. Included in the scan is grandmother, Pauline McDonald Whitworth, at "The Elms".

Donna shared this scan of the five surviving middle aged Ashbaugh brothers, the sons of Mary Catherine Artz Ashbaugh and John Meek Ashbaugh. Standing in the back row are Dr. Abraham (white beard, tall), and Lewis. Sitting in the front row from left to right are Dr. Theophilus Lambert, Dr. John Isaac, and Varian.

Right: T. L. and Pauline (Hardy) Ashbaugh. Possibly a wedding photo?


Left: Dr. T. L. Ashbaugh. Photo taken in Aledo, Illinois


Right: Pauline Hardy

Mike Ashbaugh Kraus shared the three scans to the left via Donna Pearson Price. Left and center are two scans of William Henry Harrison Ashbaugh, from original tintypes in Mike's possession. The scan on the right is of Harry Carroll Ashbaugh, who is the child of William Henry Harrison Ashbaugh and Anna Blue. Notice in the family photo on this page above - William Henry Harrison Ashbaugh's widow, Anna Blue, is holding her baby on her lap.

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