Zweigart family of Moundville 

Fritz and Ottalie Stoll Zweigart lived around Moundville in the late 1890's. Their son Fritz was born on 3 June 1898 and was baptized at the Moundville Lutheran Church. Linda (Zweigart) Jacobson descends from this family and sent the following information and photograph.

"I do have information on Ottilda Stoll (her given name). The family did refer to her as Ottillie and spelled it every way imaginable! She was born 10 Oct 1880 in Alma, Lafayette County, MO and died 27 Jan 1925 and is buried at the Idlewild Cemetary in Hood River, Hood River County, OR. Her father was August Stoll, born 11 Jan 1843, in Brumburg, Germany. He died 19 Mar 1925 in Higginsville MO and is buried in Concordia, MO. Her mother is Henrietta Bessert Stoll, born 5 May 1845 in Brumburg, Germany. Henrietta and August married May 1870 in Brumburg. She died 19 Dec 1924 in Higginsville, MO and is also buried in Concordia, MO.

Fritz Zweigart was actually Fred Phillip Zweigart but was called Fritz most of his life. He was born 17 Oct 1867 in Cedar Hill MO and died 3 June 1957 in Cleburne TX.

Ottilda Stoll had several brothers and sisters: Emil Stoll b. 18 Mar 1872, d. 18 May 1872 at age 2 months. Emilie Stoll b 3 Mar 1873, d 17 Jul 1937, Married Fred Schmidt, 14 Apr 1891 and lived her whole life in Alma, MO. Julius Stoll, b 23 Apr 1875 in MO, d. 30 Mar 1960, lived his married life in Milwaukee, WI, Married Mary Brandt and after her death, married Corine. Gustav Stoll, b 11 Jan 1878 in MO, died 21 Jan 1881 at age of 3 and is buried in family plot in Concordia, MO. Edward Stoll, b 3 Feb 1883 in Alma, MO, unknown date of death. Married Meta Halke 7 Oct 1908. Hulda Stoll, 28 Jan 1885 in Alma, MO, died 21 Jan 1969, Married Thedore Scheaffer who died in 1964. Herman Stoll, b 22 Mar 1887 in Alma, MO, d 20 Feb 1978. Married Arlene Waters 17 Feb 1909 who died 30 Apr 1958. Herman married after Arlene's death to Arlene's brother's wife (who died earlier), Ruth Waters. Ruth died in Mar 1973. Herman remarried a Mrs. Holtz in 1973. My grandfather, Henry, says that there are still members of the Stoll family in the Higginville, MO area."

Linda sent this scan and description:

The two children in the front (left to right) Dewey's daughter Marge and his youngest brother, Clarence. The middle row (left to right) Dewey, his sister Gertrude who is holding Dewey and Gertrude's youngest sister, Marianna. Next to Gertrude is Robert. (Robert is Dewey's son who died at age 11). To the right of Robert is Ottilda Stoll Zweigart and her 2nd from the youngest son, Henry. Behind the middle row, left to right is Sherman, the middle son of Ottilda, and Fred "Fritz" Zweigart. The photo was taken in Oregon.

Terresa Stoll wrote that she is a granddaughter of Ottilda Stoll Zweigart’s brother Ed and his wife Meta Holke Stoll. She made some corrections to the information above where it says that her Grandpa and Grandma’s dates of death were unknown. Edward Stoll died on August 2, 1978 and his wife, Meta Holke Stoll died July 22, 1974. They are buried in the Blackburn, MO cemetery. Terresa tells that although it has been said that Ed was born in Alma, actually he was born on the family farm outside of Concordia, MO. She tells that between Concordia and Alma there was an area called Stollville. It was on or near Great Grandpa’s farm where most of the children were probably born. Since there is not a trace of Stollville any more, she says that either Alma or Concordia could be named the place of birth. Edward had bought a farm northeast of Alma and that was where Meta gave birth to their 8 children.

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