Moundville, Missouri

Methodist Church Scenes

In the late 1800's and even into the early 1900's many towns had two Methodist Episcopal churches. Moundville was no exception. There was a ME Church North and a ME Church South. Here are early photos of both. We believe that both photos are authentic because the etched identification would have been on the original negative.

This is the ME Church North and is the Methodist Church that survived. This building is still used today. It is on the north side of Third Street at its intersection with Church Street.

This is the ME Church South. According to Lindell Haverstic, it was located south east of the ME Church North. It was on the south side of Third Street at its intersection with Broadway (now Highway 43).

Moundville Methodist Church, ca 1913. Click on this photo for a closer view and to see another photo of the children.

Moundville Methodist Church, 1918

The man whose face is circled is Robert L. Irwin. Donna Price identifies the lady in the photo, who I suppose was the teacher, as her great great grandmother, Sarah Ashbaugh McDonald.

Can anyone identify the rest of the young men.

Below are two scans of a big children's program in the early Moundville ME Church North. Below are two enlargements of the children that are in the scan. The only identification we have is that the person standing in the back of each photo is Miss Mary Estelle (Mame) Shannon. Look at those decorations!

photos compliments of James and Clara Folk, Lemon Grove, CA

The following scans were shared by Dennis Ward

Epworth League officers for 1900.

  • Arminta Mathews
  • Mamie Shannon
  • Mrs. N. E. Ward
  • Wilber Amack
  • Bea Jones
  • Elnora Keith
  • L. F. Pierce

Prayer Meeting Topics, for July to December, 1900.

This is the Moundville Methodist Men's Quartet:

  • Herbert Folks - 1st tenor
  • E. C. Ward - 2nd tenor
  • John Donaldson - 1st bass
  • W. R. Wendt - 2nd bass
  • Winnifred Ward - pianist

Taken Feb 5th 1933

E. Claude Ward recorded the funerals he sang at for a few years. These include:

Inez Heuser

Ira Lee Thompson

Alva Ripley

Huldah Hubbs

Mrs. Mollie Phillips

W. I. Gilmore

D. E. Weber

More funerals sung by E. Claude Ward

Mrs. Wortman

Mrs. Hattie A. Landon

Mrs. Williams

Marion Kendall

Nannie Beckmon

Wm. T. Couch

Mrs. Richard Post

Maurine Smith Carpenter baby

Mrs. Douglas

This photo of men and boys in front of the Moundville Methodist church was shared by JaWan and Nancy Thompson. It includes some identifications on the back but they are a bit of a challenge to match to the faces. Written on the back is:

Back row - Mr. Alpha Shaw

- - John F. Saathoff, Stanley Shaw

--Boyd Shaw, Ernest Bollinger, Edward Selim, Rev. Wm Gray, Elmer Selim,

Front row - ? Shaw, ? Whitworth, Randall Whitworth, Albert Campbell, Oris Dunham, ? Whitworth, Tom Shaw, Wallace Shaw

Below is a beautiful Christmas Card from the young ladies' Sunday School class in 1908. The third page lists the members. Thanks to Nancy Thompson for sharing this.

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