Henry McAdoo, Moundville, Missouri 

The 1900 Moundville census tells that Henry was born in December, 1876 in Illinois. By 1900, he had been married for one year and he and his wife had a daughter, Ruby E., who had been born in October 1898.

Thanks to Bill McLean for submitting the following information:

Lucia Knight married Henry McAdoo from Moundville, Missouri. My information shows that he married Lucia I. Knight of Fairbury, Ill. on 8/4/1897 (don't know if that is Aug. 4 or April 8] and that they had a daughter named Ruby that was born 22 Oct. 1898. My information on Ruby is that she died in Albuquerque [N.M. ???] Oct. 1922. My connection is that Lucia is the sister of my wife's grandmother. Her name was Lennie[later changed to Lynne] Rachel Knight. She was also born in Fairbury on 25 July 1877or 1878. There are also connections with a Florence L. Lindberg who I think was either born in Moundville or married in Moundville a man named Elbert A. Briggs on 25 June 1913. The name of a town called Pittsburg keeps coming up and I don't know what state. I do know that my wife's father was born in Pittsburg, Kansas, but we cannot find concrete evidence of that. His name was Arthur Knight Noble and Lennie and Walter B. Noble were his parents. Any help you can give me with any of these folks would be greatly appreciated. I hope what I have told you about the McAdoo family will help you with your webpage. I am mostly interested in any info you might on the Lindberg's or on Ruby McAdoo. I don't know if Ruby married or had children. That would be helpful if you have any info on her.


I have checked the Vernon County cemetery directory and it does not list burials for these McAdoo's, although there are several other ones. (LNI).

Shirley Houston tells that Claude M. Shannon and Mary Elizabeth McAdoo obtained their marriage license in September 1897. From the census, she believes that Mary Elizabeth (always called Elizabeth) was the daughter of Richard and Martha McAdoo and the sister of Henry McAdoo. She found the family in the Illinois census for 1880 and the ages and names all match. Then she found this McAdoo family in Moundville in 1900 but by that time Elizabeth had married Claude Shannon. By the 1920 census she found Claude and Elizabeth in Omaha.

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