Saville Family of Moundville  

G. W. and William Saville were brothers who came from Virginia about the same time. As one looks at the 1850 census for Hampshire County, VA, they are listed as sons of Abraham and Eliza Saville of Hampshire County, VA.

The 1880 Vernon County census shows that George Washington Saville and family lived in Harrison Township. That means that they lived west of the town of Moundville but probably not far west. The census badly misspelled the name as Sivil. It lists:

  • George age 34, born VA
  • Lizzie age 30, born VA
  • Maggie age 8, born VA
  • Nora age 4, born MO
  • Philip age 2, born MO

This tells us that the family was still in Virginia in 1882 but had moved to Missouri by 1886.

G. W. Saville died February 8, 1881 and was buried at Moundville Cemetery a once abandoned cemetery just to the west of Moundville. The early cemetery directory suggested that G. W.'s birth year was 1813 but that is almost certainly incorrect. It appears that the engraving was misread- mistaking what was possibly 1843 for 1813. However, there is no verification of his birth date. Buried beside G. W. are two young children:

  • Eliza F.. 1874 - 1878
  • Charles, 1880 - 1881

A GGG grandson of George and Lizzie tells that G. W.'s wife and surviving children moved back to WVA following George's death. George had fought for the South during the war. Lizzie married a second time and raised a family of six sons by that husband.


The grave marker to the left is that of G. W. Saville in Moundville Cemetery. As you walk in the gate, it will be the first grave that you encounter. As you can see, the engraving is nearly gone but you can see the death year as 1881 and the bottom line says SAVILLE if you know what it says.

The stone on the ground is apparently that of the children, Eliza and Charles. It is positioned face down so that nothing is currently readable, so the information about these children is from old and new cemetery directories.

William Saville was listed in the 1880 Moundville Township census. It lists:

  • William, age 30 born VA
  • Sallie age 26 born VA
  • Georgie (son), age 3, born MO

William and Sarah Saville remained in Vernon County for the rest of their lives. The 1896 English School enumeration listed three children:

  • George, age 18
  • Delpha, age 12
  • Delia, age 10

English school was in Moundville Township, just north of the town of Bronaugh. The 1900 census also listed them in Moundville Township:

  • William, born September 1845
  • Sally, born April 1855
  • Ardella M., born February 1885
  • Peter D., born June 1892
  • James D., born March 1895
  • Lora C., born July 1898

Census records tell that William and Sarah (Sally, Sallie) had fourteen children but only six survived. The 1910 Census shows William and Sarah living in Lake Township near Nevada and the 1920 census shows them living in Clear Creek Township. William and Sarah Saville are buried at Marvin Chapel Cemetery, southeast of Nevada:

  • William H. Saville, 1845 - 1932
  • Sallie V. Saville, April 27, 1854 - March 20, 1924
  • George W. Saville, 1877 - 1952
There are also four Saville burials in Moundville cemetery that are all children and infants of W. H. and S. V. Saville. They died between 1879 and 1881 so these are other children of William and Sallie (Sarah). The photo above left is in Moundville Cemetery and shows the burial places of at least four children. This includes:

  • Bertha J., May 13, 1876 - January 1, 1879
  • Jacob A., September 11, 1879 - November 19, 1879
  • Infant son, December 28, 1880 - January 1, 1881
  • Infant daughter, January 14, 1882 - January 17, 1882

This unreadable grave marker is beside the Saville children. It could be another Saville death since the census said that William and Sally had had 14 children and only 6 survived.

George W. Saville had married Anna Elizabeth Shanholtzer in 1870 in Hampshire County, VA. She was a daughter of Jacob Shanholtzer. His brother, William Saville's wife was Sarah Virginia Shanholtzer. George and William's older sister, Rachel Saville was the wife of Bushrod Shanholtzer who lived just north of Bronaugh in Moundville Township. This surely explains why the Saville's came to Vernon County - Shanholtzer kin already in the area.

The Saville families' early years around Moundville was a time of tragedy with seven Saville burials in Moundville Cemetery between 1878 and 1872.

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