Woods Family of Moundville

This family was in Moundville very early and were featured in the 1887 History of Vernon County. We hope to learn more about them.

From History of Vernon County, Missouri. 1887, p. 810.



One of the early settlers of Moundville Township, and one who commanded sincere respect during the entire time of his residence here, was David Woods, now deceased, whose children are still citizens of this community. By birth Mr. Woods was a Virginian, born in 1809. He continued to live in his native State until some 20 years of age, passing his youth, boyhood and early manhood in a manner not very different from the boys of the present day, occupied principally in agricultural pursuits. But about the year 1829 he moved across the river to Ohio, living there and in Kentucky for 10 years, at the expiration of which time he removed to Knox County, Ill. There his home continued to be for quite a period, but finally, possessed of a restless spirit and desiring to locate still further west, he settled in Missouri — in Clay county, where he was numbered among the pioneer settlers. In 1844, however, he became attracted to Vernon County and accordingly moved here; making it his home for between 35 and 40 years, save for about a year during the war when he went to Carroll County. No wonder, then, that he was well known. Such a period passed in any vicinity is sufficient in itself to give one a wide acquaintance, but added to this was the attractiveness of Mr. Woods’ character, which drew about him a large circle of friends. On the 26th of February, 1880, he was called away from earth, following to the grave his worthy companion, formerly Miss Jane Lynd, whom he married in 1832, and who died December 31, 1874. Their family embraced eight children, seven of whom grew to maturity: William, Harmon, John L., James W., Eliza J., who married L. C. Jones, of Carroll County, Mo., Geo. W. and David L. At the time of his death Mr. Woods owned an excellent farm of 190 acres, upon which three of his children now reside, John L., David L., at whose instance this sketch is inserted, and Eliza J. who attends to the household duties for her brothers. This place is carried on in a manner above reproach, and shows in its surroundings the abode of persons of intelligence. Mr. W. was a plain, honest, straightforward man, and in his daily walk and conversation lived up to the principles he professed. He was a farmer all his life.

R. S. Siple descends from this family and makes the following comment regarding the accuracy of the information from the county history: "There are a couple of errors (possibly printing errors) in this paragraph. William Harmon Woods was the eldest son. (no comma). Sarah Matilda (omitted) Woods m. Lewis C. Jones (my gg grandparents div. in 1887). I don't have info on the eighth child, but these seven were listed in the 1850 census; william, John, James, Eliza, Sarah, George, David. George also married into the same Jones family, Margaret Angeline was Lewis' sister. (this Lewis who lived in Carroll Co. MO, should not be confused with an uncle Lewis C. Jones who also lived in Vernon Co.)"

R. S. has shared the photo to the left. She believes that it is of Sarah Matilda Woods. R. S. wrote: Here is the portrait which family tradition says is Grandma "Til", though I have another similar portrait which I believe may either be her younger with Lewis C. OR Lewis' parents, William P. & Artelitha (Woolsey) Jones, which only adds to the confusion. Maybe someone will have something to corroborate.

Contact us if you know more about this family or have any photo scans that we can add.

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