Korb of Moundville

The George J. Korb family lived northwest of Moundville, Vernon County, MO, near Hackberry Cemetery. The family (with their surname spelled Corb) first appeared in Vernon County records in the 1880 census for Deerfield Township:

Three of their children are buried at Hackberry Cemetery:

George G. Korb, Apr. 3, 1866 - Nov. 28, 1888 (George Godfrey Korb was involved in the 1888 murder of Mary Ella Wray.)
Alice Korb, June 9, 1872 - Jan. 26, 1880
Walter Korb, Sept. 7, 1876 - Feb. 10, 1897

The family apparently left Vernon County after Walter's death. The 1900 census shows them living in Pittsburg, Crawford County, Kansas with two sons born after the 1880 census:

George and Catherine Korb cointinued to live in Crawford County as they are listed in the 1905 Kansas state census and also in the 1910 Federal Census for Kansas. In the 1910 census, they told that they had been married for 48 years and had had eleven children - six of them still living.

Verna Weber Steele tells that Catherine Annie Zilliox married George J. Korb May 24, 1862. It is very easy to get confused as to Catherine's identity. The 1860 Clearfield County, Pennsylvania census shows that Katherine Zilliox was the eldest daughter of Godfrey Zilliox. She, however, is the one who later married Henry Benjamin Weber and lived near Moundville. Catherine Zilliox, who became Mrs. George Korb was Godfrey Zilliox's youngest sister although she was born in the same year as her niece. So both Catherine/Katherine's were born in 1845 in Pennsylvania.

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