Zilliox Family of Moundville

The Zilliox family lived north of Moundville.

The family was listed in the 1860 Clearfield County, Pennsylvania census (misspelled Zillox):

The family was also listed in the 1870 Clearfield County, Pennsylvania census (misspelled Zellioch):

By the 1880 Federal Census, the family had moved to Vernon County, Missouri in Deerfield Township. As usual, their name was badly misspelled - Yillioux:

Godfried and Margebeth Korb Zilliox

Photo from Verna Weber Steele

Godfried was born January 4, 1819 and died June 27, 1905

Margebeth Korb was born July 27, 1825 and died January 18, 1891

  • Photos below from Hackberry Cemetery, taken June 3, 2011

Photo from Verna Weber Steele

Children of Godfried included in the photo to the left are:

  • Jacob, 1856-1930
  • Daniel 1861 - 1932
  • John 1873 - 1938
  • Frederick 1864 -
  • Katherine Zilliox Weber 1845 - 1931
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Verna notes that other children of Godfried and Margebeth included

  • Helena born 1848
  • David born 1852
  • Mary born 1858
    • Anna and Lydia - born July 18 1867
    • Anna died July 18,1867
    • Lydia died November 12, 1872


Jacob Zilliox Family, 1901

Back row: Alice, wife Nancy, Robert Luther, Frieda.

2nd row: Leander Franklin and Jacob

Front row: Abby Katerine, Iva Deborah and James Ruben


Jacob was a son of Godfried and Margbeth Zilliox. He had married Nancy Ellen Smith on February 17, 1887 in Vernon County.

Nancy died at the age of 42 and her obituary from the January 8, 1910 Nevada Daily Mail is shown to the right.

Sometime after Nancy's death, Jacob Zilliox married Etta Burford of Nevada.

The obituary for J. J. Zilliox was in the August 28, 1918 Bronaugh Journal. It tells that he was buried at Worsley Cemetery.

Thanks to SJ White for sharing this nice portrait of JJ and Charlotte (Marshall) Zilliox.
SJ descends from their eldest daughter Caroline.


John J. Zilliox's death certificate tells that he was born in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania to John Henry Zilliox and wife, Margarett Weber Zilliox, who were had both been born in Bavaria, Germany. Charley Loud was the undertaker and Dr. T. D. Combs was the attending physician. C. P. Zilliox of Nevada was the informant.

This ad is from the 1918 Bronaugh Journal.

Frank Monroe Zilliox's death certificate from Vernon County confirms that he was born July 30, 1877 in Vernon County to John and Charlotte (Marshall) Zilliox. He died October 24, 1960, and was buried at Clarksburg Cemetery near Garland (Bourbon County), Kansas. Garland is on the state line not far west of Bronaugh.

This business card from Bronaugh is undated. It was from Charles Perry Zilliox.

The death certificate of an infant daughter of C. P. Zilliox confirms the name of C. P.'s wife. Viola Zilliox died August 8, 1913 at birth due to "shock due to compression of cord in birth." Her parents were listed as Charley Perry Zilliox and his wife Chloe Shanholzer Zilliox. The infant was buried at Worsley Cemetery.

The death certificate for C. P. Zilliox confirms that his parents were John J. Zilliox and his wife Charlotte Marshall Zilliox. Charles was born February 24, 1874 near Bronaugh (although Bronaugh was not a town until 1886). He died February 24, 1940, in Nevada, where he and his wife Chloe had been living.

This bed was purchased at a Zilliox estate sale about a mile east of Garland and a half mile south. It is 3/4 size.

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