Artz Family of Moundville

The Artz Family lived in Deerfield Township northwest of Moundville. The 1880 Vernon County Census listed the Samuel Artz family. Moundville Cemetery includes some Artz burials also.

1880 Cemsus

  • Samuel Artz, age 53, born Virginia
  • Sarah Artz, age 40, born New York
  • John Artz, age 21, born Illinois
  • Lincoln Artz, age 19, born Illinois
  • Francis Artz, age 16, born Illinois
  • Tobias Artz, age 14, born Illinois
  • Tabitha Artz, age 13, born Illinois

The photo to the right is of Tobe Artz. It came from the Ashbaugh collection thanks to Vic Hinds. This is Tobias Artz referred to in the 1880 Census so he is a son of Samuel Artz.

Tim Dowling writes that "Tobias Artz (Jul 06, 1866 - May 1927) was a nephew of Mary Catherine (Artz) Ashbaugh. His father Samuel (Jan 21, 1822 - Feb 28, 1889) was Catherine's brother. His mother was Sarah Ann Bartlett (26 jun 1830-19 apr 1911)."


These two grave markers are in Moundville Cemetery. Left is for Phoebe Artz, wife of Theodore Artz who died in 1881 at the age of 29. The grave marker on the right is for Theodore Artz from the Illinois Infantry. There are no dates of this stone. There are also two Artz children buried there: Sarah who died in 1873 at the age of 1 and Daniel who died in 1881 at the age of 2. The 1880 Moundville Township census lists:

  • Theodore Artz, age 35, farmer, born Ohio
  • Phebe Artz, age 27, born Indiana
  • Ethel May Artz, age 5, born Missouri
  • Martha A. Artz, age 3, born Missouri
  • Daniel F. Artz, age 1, born Missouri

So it shows that the mother and child died the next year, leaving Theodore with two young daughters to raise.

Phoebe Artz, wife of Theodore

Tim Dowling tells that "Theodore Artz born 30 oct 1845 was a half-brother of Tobias. Mother was Caroline Dulin (31 aug 1827-22 jan 1852)."

The grave marker to the left is in Welborn Cemetery and is for John Artz, son of Samuel and Sarah Artz. John died in 1887.

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