Powell family of Moundville

The Powell families were some of the earliest in the Moundville area. Dennis Ward tells that Horatio Powell (1800 - 1881) and his wife Elizabeth Ely (1807 - 1884) were the parents of at least ten children, many who settled around Moundville. These included:

Dennis tells that Martha Ellen Powell, married Andrew Jones

Martha Ellen Powell, 1848 - 1923
Martha Ellen Powell, married Andrew Jones

Powell Sisters: Martha Ellen Powell (Jones), Sarah Elizabeth Powell (Timberlake) and Mary Ann Powell (Scott)

Photos shared by Dennis Ward who descends from Martha Ellen.

Ira Powell was an Illinois native who farmed near Moundville. In the 1870 census, he was 32 and claimed $900 worth of real estate. His wife Sarah L. Monday, was age 26, and from Kentucky. This family had only recently arrived at Moundville in 1870, as all of their children, including a one year old child, had been born in Illinois. Their daughters were, Ida May, age 9; Sarah E., age 7, Georganna, age 4; and Mary E., age 1. By 1880, more children had been born and wife, Sarah had died. She is also in Moundville Cemetery.

Ira had two more wives after the death of Sarah. Matelida Snelson Chezem was widowed about the same time as Ira Powell lost his wife, Sarah. Matelilda and Ira married in 1881 and had five children (Elmer, Bessie, Bertha, Maud and Everet) before her death in about 1893. Her burial place is not known but one might assume that she was buried at Moundville, near Ira's first wife or at Hackberry Cemetery near her first husband, John Chezem. Ira later married Martha Barlow, they had three children (Floid, Lottie, Lucy), and they were married until his death in 1908.

Left: Grave Marker from Moundville Cemetery for Ira Powell (1838 - 1908) and child, Floid Powell 1896 - 1897.

Right: George B. Powell died 27 January 1876, age 40. Buried Moundville Cemetery. Brother to Ira etc.

Right: Another early Powell grave is in Welborn Cemetery. This is for James T. Powell who died in 1892 at the age of 47.


To the right of that is the obituary for his wife, M. E. Bacon Powell Inglish who died near Bronaugh in 1914. It is from a copy of a copy, so I will try to give the highlights of the obituary here:

M. E. Bacon was born November 10, 1845 in St. Louis County, MO and died July 10, 1914. (I am confused about this date however, because the obituary appeared in the July 5 issue of the Bronaugh Journal and I cannot imagine how this date can be correct.) She was 65 years, 7 months and 4 days old. She had married James T. Powell in 1870 and they had six children, four were surviving - John A, William N, Thomas James and Maude Alice. Mr. Powell had died December 23, 1892. She then married M. V. Inglish on March 14, 1894. Mr. Inglish Survived. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South and at the time of her death, was a member of the Bronaugh Methodist Church. Funeral servies were conducted by Rev. Welborn in the ME Church South in Moundville. Burial was in Welborn Cemetery.


Nancy Thompson notes that the gravestone reads Mary Elizabeth English, wife of Van English. The spelling for the name seems to vary between English and Inglish.

Warner T. Powell and his wife Alice were pioneer residents of Moundville. This is their grave marker from Welborn Cemetery.

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