Klontz Family of Moundville

Keith Klontz has shared information about the Klontz family who lived near early Moundville.

John Klontz Sr. (born 10 Sep 1813PA - died 12 Sep 1890) was the first Klontz to come to Missouri (after 1865). He was baptized 1814 as Glantz, Klauntz in 1870 census, Klonts in 1880 census). His wife was Rebecca Kniss (born Aug 1818 PA - died 24 Mar 1908 in MO, mrd 23 or28 May 1839, Xenia Ohio)

The seventh child of John and Rebecca was William M Klontz, Jr. (born 13 Dec1856 in Decorah, Winneshiek Co. IA - died 8 Sep 1929 MO). His wife was Ida May/Mae (Alice) Powell (born15 Jun 1861 in Mercer Co. IL - died 20 Sep 1933 MO, mrd 26 Jan 1881 MO).

Keith noticed that Lola Klontz was listed among the students in the 1905 Cooper College scan but would like to identify which one she is. He provided this information about Lola:

Lola Edna Klontz

Miss Lola Klontz and Mr. Forest Wise went to Nevada one Wednesday on April 7, 1909 and were quietly married. The next month, Mr. Clarence Deselms and Miss Grace Klontz both of Moundville were married in Nevada on May 26, 1909. They planned to live near Deerfield.

There was a Klontz tragedy involving Lola's brother, Peter Klontz. Peter lived on his farm northwest of Moundville and on June 15, 1889, he was struck by lightning as he stepped out of his barn. He was killed instantly He was survived by his wife and one child. He was buried in Welborn Cemetery.

The earliest Klontz burials are in Moundville Cemetery: Martha E. Klontz, wife of A. J. Klontz. She died May 16, 1883 at the age of 19 and was buried in Moundville Cemetery. Beside her is her daughter, Essa, (August 23, 1881 - October 7, 1881).

Keith tells that "AJ Klontz" is Anderson Jackson Klontz b. 10 Aug 1857 in IA , d. 5 Mar 1919 in KS. Martha was a first wife. He later married Ella Belle Cheezem (b. 1865 in IN, d. 1941 in KS) in Nov 1883, and had 4 children by her.

Anderson Jackson Klontz was the 5th son of William Klontz (b. 1823 in PA, d. 27 Apr 1899 in MO, "Glanz" for baptism, "Clouse" in 1850 Iowa Census and living next door to sister Leah).

William was a younger brother of John Klontz Sr. (b. 1813 in PA) and obviously moved to MO, too.

The following MAY BE another mention of the family: Early Vernon County birth records show that Robert Clontz was born December 11, 1885, the fifth child of Jemima Clontz and P. E. Brown. Why he was recorded with the surname Clontz is unclear. He was his mother's fifth child. His mother was age 34 and his father, age 33. Dr. Robinson recorded the birth. (this name is perhaps mis-spelled and should be Klontz?)

Keith wrote that 'Jemina Clontz', was the second child of William Klontz, and older sister to the Anderson Klontz.

In the 1850 census, the family was in Iowa, and has been indexed by Ancestry.com as 'Clouse' although I believe it is a mis-read of 'Clonse', since old script handwriting often has 'n' look like a 'u'.

In the 1860 census, the family is in Iowa, listed with the spelling Klontz.

In the 1870 census, the William Klontz family is in Moundville and Jemina is with the Peter Brown (45y.o.) family, listed with surname Brown, where Ebeneezer Brown is living--Jemina is 21 y.o., and Ebenezer is 16 y.o.

There are some other Klontz burials in Deerfield Cemetery.

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