Ward family of Moundville


Dennis Ward has shared a large number of photos of his Ward ancestors who lived in west Moundville:

left: James Ward

Don Marcroft tells that James Madison Ward and his wife, Polly Ann Hill. were from Kentucky. James DOB is May 27, 1813, Polly's DOB is Sept. 16, 1818 and DOD is Sept. 22, 1896.

right: James Ward and son Willie

left: John H. Ward, son of James Ward

The 1900 Moundville census listed only one Ward family:

  • John H. Ward, born Sept 1857 in Indiana, carpenter
  • wife, Nancy E. Ward, born March 1860 in Missouri
  • Claude E. Ward, born October 1878 in Missouri, carpenter

Don Marcroft tells that John H. was born in Pickard, Clinton County, Indiana and his wife was Nancy E. Brown who was born in Kansas (however the census says Missouri).

Right: Nancy E. Brown, wife of John Ward. Her parents were John B. Brown and his wife Malinda who are both buried at Welborn Cemetery.

left: John H. and Nancy Brown Ward

right: John H. and Nancy Brown Ward and son E. Claude Ward

Left: William P. Ward and wife, Mollie


Right: Aubrey Ward, son of E. Claude and Winifred Ward, ca. 1906.

Left: Lucian Ward, son of E. Claude and Winifred Ward, Taken around 1923 in front of Maxwell's Store, the only gas pump in Moundville

Right: Dana B. Ward, daughter of E. Claude and Winifred Ward

Don Marcroft writes that, "My Grandmother's name was Winnifred Jones she married my Grandfather Earnest Claude Ward. They had three children named Aubry, Lucian, and my Mother Dana B. Ward, I think she was named after my Grandmother's Sister Bea Jones. The Wards moved from Moundville, Missouri to Sacramento, California where Dana Ward met my Father Winston Shapely Marcroft and they were married in Reno, Douglas County Nevada."

Left: Dana Ward and Winston Shapely Marcroft



Right: This photo, said to be of Claude Ward is from the 1916-17 Moundville School Annual. He was secretary of the School Board. NOTE from Lyndon: I have a problem with the identification of this photo. It is plainly listed as E. C. Ward as you can see by the caption. However, it looks so much more like E. C.'s father, John Ward. Claude Ward had a lot of hair well into the 1930's.

This Ward family photo is estimated to be about 1905 in Moundville. The back row includes Winifred Ward and Emeline Ward. The rest on the back row are not identified.

Seated on chairs are John Ward, holding Aubrey Ward, then his sisters, Anna Cooper, Louisa Amos and Mary Winborough. One might assume that their husbands are behind them, but we need proof. Others in the photo are not identified.

John Ward and his sisters, Louisa Amos, Mary Winborough and Ann Cooper. ca 1905, Moundville. Probably taken the same day as the family photo above since the ladies are wearing the same dresses.

This is the Claude Ward home in Moundville. John and Emeline Ward lived in the big house just to the right of this house. The folks in the photo are Winnifred and Claude Ward and Emeline and John Ward.











When the photo is enlarged, there is a portrait of James Ward (John's Father) along with an empty chair with James Ward's cane leaning against it.


Thanks to James and Clara Folk for sharing this scan of the Ward family. Lindell Haverstic tells that this photo was taken in the west end of the front yard of the Ward house (where Glenna Gordon lives in the west part of Moundville). The porch and corner bay window gives the house away (and WARD is still visible in their sidewalk step).

Dennis Ward has a copy of this photo with identifications: Back row, left to right, Claude Ward, Winifred Jones Ward, Emeline Ward, John Ward Aunt Ann Cooper. The other two are not identified. Front tow includes Dana, Lucian and Aubrey Ward, unknown, Effie Cooper, Ruth Cooper.

Claude Ward played on a baseball team. This photo, although unidentified, appears to be a Nevada team.

This photo is labeled, "John Ward, carpenter".

Left: Lucian and Claude Ward in downtown Moundville.



Below left: Lucian Ward in front of the Moundville home. Notice round barn behind.


Below right: Front of the Ward home in west Moundville. Notice name on the step.

Teddy the pony with the Ward home and Cooper College in the background.

left: Grave Marker from Welborn Cemetery for John H. Ward and wife, Nancy Emeline Ward.

below: death notice from Fort Scott Daily Tribune, August 31, 1921. page 2


below: obituary for John Ward from the Nevada Daily Mail, August 29, 1921, page 1


left: Grave Marker from Welborn Cemetery for W. P. Ward and wife, Mary M. Ward.

W. P. Ward died in Scott County, Missouri, in 1896 at the age of 53. Ward had left Moundville three years earlier and had died of Bright's Disease. It was noted that Ward was a brother-in-law of W. H. Cooper of McAlester, Indiana Territory. Mr. Ward's remains were brought to Moundville for burial.


Since W. P. Ward was a brother in law to W. H. Cooper, he must have been a brother to John Ward and Ann Cooper.

I don't know how or if, this fits in with the James Ward family of Moundville:

From History of Vernon County, Missouri. 1887, p. 532.


(Farmer, Section 13, Post-office, Nevada).

As one of the reliable, unassuming, hut warmly respected citizens of Deerfield Township is mentioned the name of Daniel Ward, whose residence here extends over a period of nearly 25 years. A brief outline of his life, therefore, will prove of not a little interest. Born in Trumbull county, 0., February 22, 1829, he was the son of Charles Ward, a native of Ireland, who emigrated to America in 1818, here embarking in agricultural pursuits, his occupation previous to this having been that of a sailor. To himself and wife, formerly Miss Grace Fury, also of Irish nativity, 15 children were born, 12 of whom grew to maturity. Daniel was the sixth child, and he grew up in the Buckeye State until 10 years old, then accompanying his father to Ray County, Mo., and later to Livingston county, from whence some time after, in 1841, he turned towards Southwest Missouri, settling in Cedar County. There his home continued to be for many years, and in that locality he gave close attention to the details of agricultural life. In 1853 Mr. Ward was united in marriage with Miss Maria Ellis, of Montgomery County, Mo., daughter of Spencer and Mary (Hudson) Ellis, the former of Richmond, Va., and the latter of Tennessee. Spencer Ellis was a man of considerable prominence in the community where he made his home, occupying various positions of public trust and honor, the duties of which he discharged with care and fidelity. Mrs. Ward was the eldest of 11 children in her parents’ family. She has borne her husband a family of seven children, all of whom have done honor to the name they bear: Alice, wife of William Rinehart; Hamilton, Florence, now Mrs. Benjamin Davenport; Laura, wife of William Hudson; Patrick, Emmet and Eva, who married William Osborne. Mr. Ward located in this county in 1863 and, as stated, has since remained here. His farm embraces some 90 acres, improved in a good manner. It should have been mentioned above that Mrs. Ward’s father came to Vernon County as early as 1845, settling near Avola.

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