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An excellent resource on the effects of Tick Fever on cattle is Diseases in Cattle published in 1912. It provides an indepth look to just how tormenting these ticks were to Missouri's beef cattle industry. For a better view of colored pictures just click on the pictures below.

link to spleen photo

Fig.1. A cross-section that shows the difference between a contaminated and uncontaminated spleen.

link to urine sample

Fig.2. A urine sample taken from a fatal case of Texas Fever.

link to tick life cycle

Fig.3. The life cycle of the Cattle Tick (Margaropus Annulatus)

link to tick appearance

Fig.4. Appearance of the tick.

link to bad tick infestation

Fig.5. A portion of a steer's hide infested with the Texas-Fever Tick.




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