Anson Buckley of Fairfield, Franklin County, Indiana

Anson Buckley was born October 2, 1802 in Fairfield, Connecticut, the son of Isaac and Abigail Turney Bulkley. He married Jane Harrell on October 10, 1829, in Fayette County, Indiana. They spent their married life in or near Fairfield, IN. Anson died in Fairfield, Indiana in 1858.

Anson Buckley was awarded a land grant in 1834:

A daguerrotype of Anson and Jane Harrell Buckley. Thanks to Lorraine for sharing this wonderful photo.

Phillip Anson Irwin at the grave of Anson Buckley, Sims Cemetery, Fairfield, IN


Anson and Jane were the parents of nine children. They were:

Birth Date

Marriage Date

Death Date

Elizabeth Buckley

September 23, 1830

September 15, 1849

Isaac Miller, Thomas L. Swift

August 17, 1921

Palina Catherine Buckley

July 22, 1832

December 2, 1836

John Turney Buckley

November 27, 1834

December 28, 1864

Minerva Thomas

May 12, 1923

Wilson T. Buckley

July 12, 1837

October 28, 1852

James Allison Buckley

December 29, 1839

April 19, 1844

Anson Elliott Buckley

November 25, 1842

Jennie Hoffman

aft 1916

Martha R. Buckley

March 31, 1845

February 26, 1870

Lucius Tanner

April 17, 1904

James Buckley

October 9, 1847

August 25, 1867

Adeline Best

October 2, 1926

Mary Marilla Buckley

January 2, 1852

July 16, 1878

Robert L. Irwin

December 4, 1916

Elizabeth Buckley Miller Swift, daughter of Anson and Jane Harrell Buckley

John Buckley, son of Anson and Jane. Lived in Cozad, NE.

A. Elliott Buckley, son of Anson and Jane Harrell Buckley

Seated is James Buckley (son of Anson and Jane) and family, Brookville, IN. James was a furniture dealer in Brookville. On the back row is their daughter, Ora, with her husband Dr. C. E. Case. Just a few years ago, their house in Brookville was a wonderfaul restaurant called the Case House.

Seated is Mary Marilla Buckley, youngest daughter of Anson and Jane Buckley. Standing may be her sister, Martha Buckley. From a tin type.

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