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Hello, my name is Barbara Jean Marlow Irwin. My family has encouraged me to share my genealogy research with others by providing this website. I hope you find my research helpful and somewhat enjoyable. Follow the links below to see some of my family pages. Remember, it is a work in progress.  

Sad news: I am sorry to tell you that Barbara Jean passed away on August 21, 2009 following what was supposed to be routine open heart surgery. Her passing was totally unexpected. I have decided to leave her web pages up as a memorial and I hope that family history researchers will benefit from it. I will put my email on this page if you need to contact me about her research. However, I am not the expert on these lines, she was.

Lyndon Irwin


John, Barbara Jean, Lyndon and Phillip Irwin

Click on the names in table below to learn about the genealogy and history of families that I have researched:



My husband and I have collected photos and memorabilia of some of the towns that I grew up in or that my ancestors were from:

Hume, Bates County, Missouri
Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri
Bronaugh, Vernon County, Missouri
Caney, Montgomery County, Kansas
Peru, Chautauqua County, Kansas

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Click on this photo to visit my collection of May Pole Cards in celebration of my birthday.

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