Paint Lick

Garrard County, Kentucky

Paint Lick is a historic, small village in eastern Garrard County, Kentucky. Here are a few scans:

Main Street on a Saturday afternoon. Paint Lick Creek is in the background

In 1908, there was a fire that destroyed part of downtown Paint Lick. Below are two photos of the fire scene shared by Gordon Mcquerry.

The two pictures below were taken by Gerald Tudor

Gerald did a good job of trying to re-create the historic picture below.

Anyone have a clearer copy of the historic photo of Paint Lick?

Follow this link to see some of the historic markers around Paint Lick.

If you are doing Garrard County research, be sure to visit the Garrard County GenWeb.

NOTE: If you are interested in Paint Lick's history, you should subscribe to Rita Fox's great magazine: Paint Lick Reflections. This quarterly journal is a fantastic way to meet others with an interest in Paint Lick. It seems that every issue has something related to one or more of my lines. I'm impressed!

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